This scrumptious salt blend is delicious on meat, poultry, fish, eggs, popcorn, soup, salad dressing, fresh cheeses, heirloom tomatoes, and so much more.

This earthy salt blend is superb on lamb, poultry, seafood, roasted potatoes, pasta, vegetables, and swirled in olive oil as a bread dip.

This spicy and sassy salt blend is fantastic on avocados, beans, quesadillas, eggs, corn on the cob, and pizza.

This aromatic blend is tasty on salmon, roasted potatoes, egg or potato salad, dips, spreads, vegetables, soup, and with goat cheese.

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This seasonal salt citrus blend pairs nicely with seafood, asparagus, grilled vegetables, a warm bowl of oatmeal, and is perfect to line a cocktail glass. 

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  EVERYDAY HERB SALT: A classic blend of Kosher salt, parsley*, sage*, rosemary*, and thyme*.  (*Certified Organic)

SPICE IT UP SALT: A spicy blend of Kosher salt, chiles*, and smoked paprika.  (*Certified Organic)

  PUCKER UP CITRUS SALT: A tangy blend of Kosher salt and organic lemon zest.

    DILLY GOAT SALT: A zippy blend of Kosher salt and dill*. (*Certified Organic)

SABABA SALT: A Mediterranean blend of Kosher salt, oregano*, marjoram*, and thyme*.  (*Certified Organic)

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This baker’s blend is the perfect addition to cookies, brownies, cakes, pies,

ice cream, confections, sweet breads, pancakes, and waffles.

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   VANILLA BEAN BAKER’S SALT: An aromatic blend of sea salt and organic vanilla beans.

  CASCADE HOP SALT: An hoppy blend of Cascade hops and Kosher salt.

This hoppy blend pairs well on fries, fish, grilled meats, marinades, and roasted vegetables.

THREE JAR SALT SET: Everyday Herb, Vanilla Bean Baker’s, and Spice It Up Salts.

The Three Jar Salt Set is the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

The set includes Everyday Herb Salt, Spice It Up Salt, and either Dilly Goat or Sababa Salt.